Best Bitcoin casinos in the US

Few years back, Casino payers in the United States of America had a difficult time accessing casino games online. The American banks had placed a lot of restrictions to ensure that gambling payments were blocked.

In this day and age, the situation is entirely different. Bitcoin has fortunately resolved the problem. Since its inception, US based players have received more convenience in the context of gambling.

So far, cryptocurrency might not be the best payment possibility once you need to travel grocery shopping, however they’re nothing short of ideal when it comes to online payments. Superior, when it comes to online betting, Bitcoin casinos are completely spectacular.

There’s a couple of reasons for this. Most notably, any one respectable Bitcoin casino USA players wager on should be provably fair. A lot types of casino games – with poker being a notable exception – are created provably fair, helping give peace of mind to each player.

Casinos in the US that are based on Bitcoin have provided an enhanced gaming experience to the players. Nevertheless, here are the best Bitcoin casinos in the US:

22 Bet Casino

This is one of the best casinos based on Bitcoin that offers over 1,000 games from well-reputed providers. It is ideal for people who are passionate regarding gaming. It has a powerful lobby as well. It has been rated as one of the most trustworthy casinos by the customers. There is a variety of payment options as well which makes it easier for the players on 22 Bet Casino.


Those interested in online gambling can visit this platform and get access to one of the best gaming experience. It offers the best bonuses which all casinos do not offer. However, there are some drawbacks as well such the registration process seems to be confusing for a number of players. When it comes to mobile friendliness, it tends to excel in this aspect. In a nutshell, it has been rated as one of the best online Bitcoin casinos by the US players.

Golden Lion Casino

Here is a gambling website that claims to have extensive knowledge in the casino business. It offers over hundred games. These games declare to be fair and random. Online web even features a number of promotions and bonuses. Customer support is also available to the players 24/7. Website provides multiple payment methods which ensures optimal level of security. The user-interface is remarkable which makes it a highly desirable platform to select over other online casinos that are based on Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Casino

The Bitcoin Casino is relatively new in the world of gambling but has made its place in the arena. Players have rated it as one of the best platforms. When it comes to account registration, it is pretty much easy. There is a variety of games offered by the platforms. When it comes to mobile friendliness, the content is laid out in an intuitive manner. It has performed in an optimal manner in the past.

Flying Satoshi

Flying Satoshi is relatively new compared to other platforms. Web was released only in the 2015. It is supposed to be an ideal platform for Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts. Casino offers something exceptional. However, there is one drawback that players need to consider before signing up for this platform. Flying Satoshi is not a mobile friendly option. If you are one of the players who prefer gambling on mobile, then consider different casinos that are listed above.

Here were the best casinos in US.


Q: Is Bitcoin gambling anonymous?

A: Bitcoin betting is not actually anonymous.

It can be pseudonymous, as in several cases you don’t must give your real identity to carry out a transaction. However, most of casinos ask  to provide for some ID proof, especially when withdrawals are handled. The most effective recommendation is to read the terms of conditions/service carefully and see whether or not they suit you before depositing any funds on a gambling site. Don’t let tempting bonus offers spin your head; that’s the only reason they exist.

Q: Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

A: Bitcoin gambling isn’t regulated. What that means is that it is not expressly classified as illegal. Now, if the gambling provider is declared illegal, you should avoid it, however individual gamblers have nothing to worry. All the identical, keep an eye open for new incoming regulations and eventual proportionals, as these will roll out at any moment. We can also advice this good read on Bitcoin gambling regulations in the US if you’re specifically asking, Is Bitcoin gambling legal in the US?

Q: Is Bitcoin gambling safe?

A: As long as you betting at respectable sites (even better, at licensed casinos), your rights enjoy some protection. Still, never deposit much coins than you’re able to lose. Certain Bitcoin casinos have a history of blocking users’ accounts without a providing reasonable clarifications.

Q: Can I gamble from any location?

A: The short answer is “no”. In real time, it depends on the terms of service. We’re sure you’ve noticed in this Bitcoin casino USA list, that the US typically is a restricted territory. But, there are workarounds. Read the full terms and conditions carefully and see what ID verification (KYC) is required.

Q: How can I bet with Bitcoin?

A: You will need to have an active Bitcoin wallet for the aim. Some casinos permit direct cash deposits that are converted to the cryptocurrency of your choice. However, it is much better to have your own wallet before start to play at your chosen casino, cryptocurrency as result being exchanged via a respectable source. For more information, visit Bitcoin exchange source.

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